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Printable Weekly Planner

While our cell phones can offer us incredible convenience, there are still some of us who love to have a physical calendar in front of us to help us plan. If that’s you, we hope you can use this printable weekly planner week after week to keep your homeschool family on time and on schedule.


Important Dates for 2020-21 College Entrance Tests

If you have a junior or senior in your homeschool family this year, make sure you know these important dates for 2020-21 college entrance tests. The ACT has just four remaining test dates for the current school year, while the SAT offers five tests.


When Should I Get My Family’s Flu Shots?

Getting a flu vaccine is more important than ever in 2020, and choosing the best time to get your shot is one way you can make a big difference.


Edible Brownie Batter Cookie Dough? Yes, Please!

You wouldn’t complain about having a little more cookie dough in your life, would you? The next time you need a study break or a little pick-me-up after a tough homeschool day, try this delicious brownie batter cookie dough that’s dairy free, gluten free, and vegan edible. Best of all, it can be ready to eat in as little as 30 minutes.


Five FAQs if You’re Considering Joining the Composting Club

Fall is a great time to start a compost pile. If you’re considering joining the composting club, check out these five FAQs from first-time composters.


Show Your Homeschool Spirit During AOP Spirit Week

Your family doesn’t need a football team to show your love for homeschooling. Rally with homeschoolers across the country for a week of fun and prizes.


Free Homeschool Student ID Printable Template

As a homeschooler, you won’t need a student ID card for identity, security, or lunch account purposes; however, having an ID for your homeschooler can be useful for getting discounts in your community. Use our free student ID printable template to show off your homeschool pride and get potential savings at events, museums, and more.


The Most Boss Sauces for Your Pastas

One of the best things about pasta is that it’s a fast, easy, and healthy meal to prepare for your homeschool family. Of course, it can also be delightfully delicious, too! To maximize enjoyment of your next evening meal, try these recommended combinations to make sure you’re using the most boss sauces on your family’s favorite noodles.


Advice from the Well-Planned Gal for the Start of a New Year

Whether you’re in your first year of homeschooling or your kids are almost ready for graduation, Rebecca Farris, the CEO and Founder of The Well Planned Gal, has an important message that all homeschool moms need to hear.


What to Do When Your Child Gets Stuck

In homeschooling, it’s not really a question of if, but when your child will get stuck on a lesson. When that time comes, be prepared with this practical advice from some of our seasoned homeschool veterans from AOP’s Facebook page.


Conservative Estimate Predicts 10% Homeschool Growth This Year

With the new year beginning, some are returning to physical schools, but many are also choosing to stay at home. In fact, Brian D. Ray, the president of the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), estimates that homeschooling will jump 10% this year alone.


Monarch FAQs: How Do I Set Up My Student?

If you’re excited to experience the freedom of online learning with Monarch, you’re only a few clicks away from getting started. With your own login and the user-friendly parent portal, you can easily adapt the curriculum to meet the learning needs of any child.


5 Short Videos to Watch If You’re on the Fence about Homeschooling

Homeschooling offers an incredible opportunity for parents to teach academics and spiritual truths, while doing a lot of learning alongside their children. If you’re on the fence about homeschooling, watch these five short videos from AOP’s Homeschool Insights series that highlights homeschool experts sharing their best tips and encouragement.


The Legacy of Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson, a British author and speaker who shook up the education world with his talk that questioned “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” passed away from a brief battle with cancer on August 21. He was 70 years old.With 66 million views, his TED Talk in February 2006 is the most viewed presentation in their organization’s history.


3 Key Differences Between Homeschooling and an Online School

To a new homeschooler, the terms homeschooling and online schooling can seem nearly identical, especially if you’re using or considering using an online curriculum. Before you make a decision to homeschool, make sure you know these three key differences between homeschooling and choosing an online school.


Homeschooling FAQs: How Do I Choose a Homeschool Curriculum?

Having the freedom to choose the curriculum that fits your family’s goals and lifestyles exemplifies how homeschooling goes beyond the one-size-fits-all approach. While it’s one of the biggest decisions you can make regarding at-home learning, choosing a homeschool curriculum doesn’t have to be complicated if you ask these few important questions.


5 Surefire Steps to Stop Snacking

If you’ve ever considered putting a padlock on your snack cupboard to stop your kids (or you) from impromptu eating, read on! Whether your go-to is salty or sweet, Jennifer Cafelle, a mother of two with a master’s degree in education, recently offered these five surefire steps to keep your family’s snack cravings at bay.


Edible Science Lesson on Waste

For many kids, they know that once a week the garbage is collected and hauled to the curb, but where does our garbage go beyond the truck? For a fun lesson on landfills and the science behind them, create this edible landfill parfait with your homeschool family.


Pandemic Effects on Parenting

Has gender played a role in parenting throughout the coronavirus pandemic? According to a survey from a Japanese life insurance company, the answer is yes. In a June poll of 1,100 married men and women conducted by Meiji Yasuda, nearly three-fourths of dads felt that the quarantine had benefitted their parenting.


7 At-Home Summer Camps

For many kids, summer camps provide memorable moments of childhood. Even if your child can’t attend a camp in person in summer, here are 7 ideas for at-home summer camps that can help make this summer one that won’t be forgotten.


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